Art Can Make A Difference


Our Vision

"Last Breath" performed by Company Dancer, Ashton Antinazi, during  Element Earth  in 2017. 

"Last Breath" performed by Company Dancer, Ashton Antinazi, during Element Earth in 2017. 

Emotions Dance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2007 by Artistic Director and Choreographer Larissa Humiston. Emotions Dance consists of a professional contemporary dance company that focuses on social and environmental awareness through the art of dance, dance education training at the organization's state of the art dance studio, and programs that enrich the local community. The organization emphasizes strong technical training and education combined with passionate artistry.  Through inspiring performances, arts-education programs, and active community outreach the company touches thousands of people of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds.


Our Mission

  • To engage dancers and emerging artists in many different ways including classes at our training facility, pre-professional training, competitions, conventions, youth performance company, and professional company.
  • To raise awareness about social and environmental issues using the art of contemporary dance.
  • To foster the growth of dance as an art form throughout the community by providing innovating and engaging performances, workshops, and classes using a variety of dance disciplines and techniques at our state of the art dance training facility.
  • To promote artistic collaboration within the community be creating performances and collaborations that utilize various other art forms including visual art, photography, video, sculpture and spoken word. 

At Emotions Dance Inc…

  • We are committed to providing a quality of excellence in how we teach children the art of dance.
  • We are committed to providing excellence in the art of dance with all of our pre-professional and professional performances, classes, and workshops.
  • We care about providing a safe atmosphere for all ages and abilities and valuing each and every person who walks through our doors.
  • We care about offering a variety of programs for every person to find what fits their individual goals.
  • We value the idea of “family” and provide a space where everyone is a part of our dance family.
  • We are passionate about our dancers having fun, being creative, and building team mentality.