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Our Saturday Master Series classes allow serious-minded dancers to experience classes with the best in the business by bringing special guest master teachers.  

Next Saturday Master Series - Saturday November 3, 2018

Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced Levels

$35 per class or $100 for the full day.

$75 if registered by October 20!

Tentative Class Schedule

8:45-9am- Check In

9-10am- Beginning/Intermediate Tap- Daniel Hunlap

9-10am- Advanced Contemporary with Benjamin Muriel

10:15- 11:15am- Beginning/Intermediate Contemporary w/ Benjamin Muriel

10:15-11:15am- Advanced Tap - Daniel Hunlap

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11:30a-12:30p- Beginning/Intermediate Ballet w/ Sebastian Serra

11:30a-12:30p- Advanced Jazz w/ Kathy Guryan

12:45-1:45pm- Beginning/Intermediate Jazz w/ Kathy Guryan

12:45-1:45pm- Advanced Ballet w/ Sebastian Serra

2-3pm- Beginning/Intermediate Modern w/ Jere James

2-3pm- Advanced Hip Hop w/ Percy Nelson

3:15-4:15pm- Beginning/Intermediate Hip Hop w/ Percy Nelson

3:15-4:15pm- Advanced Modern w/ Jere James