Class Descriptions

Classes for Tiny Dancers

Dance Babe classes are designed for the beginning dancer and explore the basics of ballet, jazz, tap and basic tumbling, plus creative movement, gross motor skills, spacial awareness and musicality. Our Dance Babe classes are fun and provide the basics needed to enter into our Level I classes and special programs.

Tiny Dancers - Ages 2 & 3 years

Dance Babe I - Ages 3 & 4 yrs

Dance Babe II - Ages 4 & 5 years


Intro Classes

Our Intro classes are for ages 5-7 and allow dancers to have an introduction to a variety of dance styles. These classes are designed to provide the basics for dancers to prepare them for our Level I classes.


Homeschool Dance Experience

This 3 & 4-hour SunShine State Curriculum class is designed especially for homeschooled dancers and is separated into ages (5-8, 8-12, 12-18). This class will focus on dance disciplines such as ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and contemporary while also educating dancers on the history of dance, the science of movement, and the mathematics of music. 


Teen/Adult Classes

Emotions Dance Studio encourages dancers of all ages and abilities to dance. We offer beginning level teen and adult classes for ages 12+ in a variety of dance disciplines such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop.  The drop-in rate for dancers ages 13-18 is $20 per class.  Adults 18+ are $15 per class.

We also offer more advanced adult level classes for non-beginners.


Classes Requiring a Placement Class

All of the classes below require dancers to take a placement class to determine which class best suits their abilities and goals. Dancers may start at a lower level and then advance to a higher level based on instructor recommendation.  At Emotions Dance, our classes are not based on age necessarily, but ability level and goals for dancing.  Some dancers may be in multiple levels if ability varies, and will need to take placement classes for all of their selected classes.  This way, Emotions Dance tailors its instruction to each dancer's abilities and goals, creating a customized experience. There are certain skills that must be obtained in order for dancers to advance to higher levels.



Ballet is the foundation of all dance and at Emotions Dance, the backbone of all other dance disciplines. Ballet focuses on correct technique, body placement, alignment and control.

Once dancers have established proper strength, alignment and control, they can be ready for pointe work (instructor recommendation only).



Jazz dance has many different styles and dancers will be exposed to all of these while learning footwork, leaps, turns, and proper technique.



Tap dancing began in 1928 and uses metal plates to create sounds on the floor.  Dancers will learn the basics of rhythm, footwork, and proper technique.



Modern dance centers on a dancer’s own interpretations instead of structured steps–and combines fundamentals of ballet, jazz and more contemporary styles including improvisational movement.  Dancers will learn the fundamentals of such pioneers as Martha Graham, Lester Horton, and Merce Cunningham, plus more contemporary forms of Modern Dance.



Acro is acrobatics but with a dance focus.  Dancers will develop flexibility, balance, and proper execution of handstands, cartwheels, ariels, handsprings, and more.



Contemporary dance combine aspects of ballet, jazz, modern and improvisational movement to tell a story.  Contemporary Dance also incorporates turns, jumps, and footwork that are significant to this era of dance.


Hip Hop

Students will learn a variety of styles including breaking, popping, locking, krumping, and more modern styles hip hop.